Who you calling an idiot?

As we all know, there is no shortage of idiots in horror films. It was hard to choose a good pairing, so I took things in a different direction…

THE BEER: Coronado Brewing Company’s Idiot IPA

Yes, it is an IPA. Blame it on the late-summer heat wave we got out here.
Yes, it is an IPA. Blame it on the late-summer heat wave we got out here.

From the prolific beer-haven of San Diego county, Coronado Brewing Company pours forth their Idiot IPA . The beer isn’t terribly unique–it’s your classic huge, bitter IPA with fruity notes to it for when you’re in the mood to completely scald your palate (a whopping four varieties of hops go into this one). It’s a bit on the sweeter side: brewed with actual brown sugar to make it go down easier. Perfectly acceptable brew for people who don’t mind something burly from time to time.

Extra kudos for the redheaded mermaid on their logo and for their really great web design. You can tell they’re not a slap-dash brewery, and next time I’m in the area I’ll have to make them part of my beer-tour.

My summaries of these films will be pretty short, because I’ve chosen a couple that I really don’t want to spoil (though the word “spoil” implies that these films come to satisfying and explanatory conclusions–which they most certainly do not). To be fair to the characters in these movies, they are not really “idiots” as much as they are dupes who are overwhelmed by forces greater than themselves.

THE FIRST MOVIE: Kill List ; 2012

Directed By: Ben Wheatley


Ah! Ah! No I’m not telling anyone how this ends, stop freaking out! On the surface, Kill List falls into one of my favorite genres: what I like to call the “One Last Job” genre. It’s all about reluctant criminals who talk themselves into doing another job to get a big payout and move on with life. Jay is a British man in a normal British home, married to a pretty Swedish woman. He and his wife are fighting a lot as of late because (why else?) the money is running out from Jay’s last stint of work. He complains about his back and seems not to like the idea of a return to his previous life.

Jay’s friend Gal appears for dinner one night with his creepy girlfriend (who goes and carves a symbol that looks like the Deathly Hallows into the bathroom wall–we all do weird shit when we drink, right?) and offers new work to Jay. Btw, turns out they’re contract killers. No big deal. Jay agrees and they start to kill people on their “kill list”, but Jay gets really sketched out. Mostly because pretty much everyone says, “Thank you,” before he kills them.

I’ll say no more, because this film pretty much goes batshit.

THE SECOND MOVIE: Resolution ; 2013

Directed by: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead


This is a film where you can actually argue that the main character is an idiot.

The premise is that Michael heads up into the northern California woods (presumably) to give one more whack at getting his friend Chris off drugs.  He goes because he’s received some film on his computer of Chris squatting in some shack in the woods, shooting at birds, smoking crystal and tweaking hardcore–and even though it isn’t clear who is actually filming Chris, Michael decides this is an obvious cry for help and leaves his pregnant wife to be heroic.

Anyway, he handcuffs Chris to a pipe and then bums around the property in search of amusement. You’d think he would have brought along a book or something. He keeps finding film strips and photos, which for some reason he insists on calling “stories”. Like he’ll pick up a series of disturbing photos and say, “I found another story.”

No, you moron. Those are photos of people killing each other. You are making quite a logical jump there. Chris has the reaction you might expect–stop showing me those fucked up videos, why would you do that to somebody detoxing–but Michael just approaches everything with naive fascination.

My main complaint with this movie is it drops its carefully built tension several times for some mediocre comic relief moments. The characters are fine and the premise is very clever. The plot is rife with red herrings and the ending makes you go–hurrr?? I thought it was a fun movie though, and if any of my questions were actually answered I probably wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun with it.

If anyone has seen this movie, please feel free to get spoilerific in the comments because I want to hear what you think it’s all about.


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  1. I’ve always dug a burly beer here and there. You had me at brown sugar. I have yet to watch the 2 films you mentioned in your post. I think I have Kill List but Resolution I have to track down. Thanks!

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