Winery Branding

From 2012–2013, I worked at Ampelos Cellars, a winery in Lompoc, California. With so many wineries in that area, distinct branding is very important to stand out from the rest. So, in addition to selling and assisting in wine production, I was enlisted to help with photography, website design, and website copy. Additionally, I was able to write tasting notes for a couple of other nearby wineries. I’ve included a sample of tasting notes for Palmina Winery as well as writing for Ampelos’s “Green Viticulture” web page, which explains their unique farming practices. A few examples of photos I took for Ampelos’s website, as well as a screenshot of the website update I designed are included below.

In-House Tasting Notes

Freelance Tasting Notes

Green Viticulture Web Page

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