Whitechapel Jack Website Copy and Social Media

The Jack the Ripper case has baffled and fascinated people for over 100 years. I’ve been writing heavily researched articles, blogs, and book reviews for the website Whitechapel Jack for the past four years. Many of the articles have up to 1,000 social media shares. Below is a selection of my writing for the site:

  • Every full article on Jack the Ripper’s victims and possible victims can be found here.
  • I’ve blogged about Victorian men and women’s fashion to provide historical context for the crimes.
  • I’ve read and reviewed six books total for the site including two that made major claims about who the Ripper may have been.
  • One of my most popular blogs is about the two bloodhounds employed by the Metropolitan Police to track the Ripper, and how the attempt to experiment with new policing methods went awry.
  • For about two years I assisted with Facebook posting for the Whitechapel Jack page, which has now reached over 800 members.
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