Siblings Ebook Production

“Siblings and Other Disappointments” is a collection of short stories by debut author Kait Heacock, published by Ooligan Press. Ebook production started with converting an InDesign file to an epub file. Then, I corrected xhtml conversion errors, cleaned up and styled the CSS, and formatted images.

After the EPUB file looked good, I made sure that the file was compatible with Amazon. Then I converted it to Amazon’s proprietary MOBI format and “borrowed” a Kindle to test compatibility. Finally, I uploaded the file to Ingram CoreSource, which “ingests” the EPUB (no really, that’s what it says!). After that worked, I uploaded the MOBI to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program.

The EPUB file below requires a password to protect content. If you are interested in working with me and want to see a preview, message me at To preview the MOBI file, you might consider buying it on Amazon. Just don’t read it on the way to Thanksgiving dinner!