Find Your Happy Book and Mantra Deck Editing

Author and life coach Shannon Kaiser created a new edition of her book Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, which required 20% new content. The theme of self-love and affirmation leant itself very well to an oracle mantra deck, too. A mantra deck is a type of product within the Mind/Body/Spirit genre, simpler and less mystical than tarot. Each card in the deck contained one of Shannon’s mantras, which could provide daily inspiration and self-loving affirmations.

The book and deck were to be compatible, with just enough content overlap to fit in with Shannon’s brand without reusing too many mantras. Shannon’s book and deck needed to both fit in with her personal brand and contain enough individual doses of inspiration to keep her fans happy and engaged. With 365 days of mantras (and then some), attention to detail was vital.

With support from the acting editorial manager and interns, I managed a heavy copy edit for both the book and mantra deck. I interfaced with the author, managing communication between her and the editorial team. I also was able to add a few lines here and there in the authors voice to comply with needed word counts for each entry.

You can find the sales pages for both the book and the deck at the links below: