Editorial Strategy

Without formulating a marketing strategy early on in a manuscript’s journey through the publishing house, selling the book can become a disaster. To truly create a connection between a book, product, or website with its appropriate audience, attention to story and language is paramount. The following samples (both of which are hypothetical) include an acquisitions memo and an editorial strategy document for an existing publishing company.

Editorial Strategy Memo

Written in March of 2016, this strategy memo projects alternate methods of revenue generation for Portland-based publishing company Timber Press by altering tactics in acquisitions and the editorial process. An enhanced digital strategy moving forward as well as a backlist digitizing project is included. Click link above to access.

Acquisitions Memo

This memo pitches a YA urban fantasy novel and includes description, comp titles, and marketing and positioning concepts. The link above is password protected for the author’s privacy, so please contact me at emily@emilyeinolander.com to request access.