January 2018 Resolution Rundown

So after last week’s announcement of a commitment to better content consumption, here’s how January went.

It’s not an hour and a half, but it’s a start.

My playlist is like new music with training wheels. It includes several artists I had on repeat in that fateful year, 2007. Of Montreal, David Byrne, The Shins, and Jack White specifically, happen to have new music out this month. That made it sort of easy.

And yeah, I do use Tidal. Calm down.

These aren’t all new songs, obviously, but most of them are new to me. I tried to keep it modest and well-rounded with a balance of pop, hip hop, and even a little Americana–skip right to Leyla McCalla if that’s what you’re here for. A few of these songs are from my explorations of those Top 500 album lists. Nina Simone, in particular, is a classic artist that was long overdue for more exploration.

Movies and TV

I saw two films in the theater: The Disaster Artist, which was fine, and I, Tonya, which was great.


At home, we re-initiated our DVD Netflix account with Ingrid Goes West. It was difficult to watch, but featured solid performances by Aubrey Plaza, O’Shea Jackson, and millennial Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Olsen. It was nice to see a more sympathetic portrayal of someone with borderline personality disorder, even if most of what she did made her the clear villain of the movie. Movies and art of all kinds are supposed to kind of help us learn how to hold more than one conflicting thought in our head at once, right?

TV is going to be a greater challenge, I think, since I don’t often watch it to challenge myself. We watched the first few episodes of Big Mouth, which we decided not to continue for several reasons, the easiest to explain being that they made Duke Ellington into way too much of a minstrel-y stereotype for no reason. (Like, literally no reason.) I ended up just rewatching Lady Dynamite from the beginning. At least it was just the second time I’d rewatched something, I guess?


Even though I made a big announcement on Twitter that I wouldn’t be buying self-help books this year, there are a couple of exceptions already. The Michael Hyatt book was preordered in 2017 (HA!) and I had to read¬†Unmedicated for work. There’s no way I’m not going to count a book I read for work on my Goodreads challenge.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces is one that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. I got it as an Audible¬†book and I highly recommend it, though maybe not on audio if you have a hard time focusing. I bought it in hardcover, too, just to have it around for a reference. Anyone who is interested in storytelling will probably get some value out of it.

I’m calling January a modest success and looking forward to a more artistically adventurous February.

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