Horror Movie Halloween Ideas for Women

Now I’m not saying that everyone will know what you are, but if you’re a true horror fan, Halloween is your time and a time you can stand proudly for who you are! Now, dudes have a lot of options for horror themed Halloween costumes–Jason, Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Hannibal Lecter, and those are all just off the top of my head! Of course, any woman could choose to go as any of the above, but sometimes you don’t want to be completely incognito at a friend’s Halloween bash, and for whatever reason you still might want to look a bit girly. You might have some ulterior motives. I don’t judge.

All you ladies who do not just want to dress as Bella or a Sexy Mouse have to think a little more creatively–especially if you want to pay tribute to your favorite genre. Sure, you could be a zombie, vampire, Bride of Frankenstein, werewolf, but if you want to get a little more specific you do have options. That way you will have a good story to tell when people ask you what the hell you are.  A little explanation to the uninitiated can be worth it though around this time of year, no?

Annie Wilkes from Misery
If you want to be the original hyper-fan girl, you better dig out a denim jumper, a turtleneck, and a cardigan. Old timey floral prints get you extra points. Just do a side part with a clip, get some snow-boots and either a sledgehammer or butcher’s knife (fake of course), and you’re good to go!

Tatum Riley from Scream

Please don’t kill me Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!

Who wants to pay homage to horror and 90’s nostalgia? Wait. Don’t answer that. Who doesn’t want to pay homage to horror and 90’s nostalgia?! To dress like Tatum: dig out an old ribbed turtleneck and a, throw on some plain white tights and Mary Janes and make sure to part your hair in the middle. This is a particularly good costume if you still want to turn some heads…it’s hard not to look good when you’re emulating the smokin’ hot Rose Mcgowan, amirite?

If you really wanted, you could also go as Ghostface. If you’ve seen all four Scream films, you know why.

Barbara from Night of the Living Dead

They’re coming to…oh you know…

A pout and a furrowed brow are paramount, as is a terrible, teased hairdo or hair piece. With that, wear a knee-length 60s style dress and a tan button up overcoat.

Lola Stone from The LovedOnes

Shout out to John from Written in Blood for bringing my attention to this film. It is brutal and cringe-inducing with just enough morbid humor and character quirk to give it dimension. Lola is the younger, more incestuous, more hi-tech version of Annie Wilkes. She likes to create Prom Night with a multitude of different teenage boys, and she likes to use that screwdriver she’s holding to make them more..erm..submissive. You need a pink prom dress and a paper crown, some manufactured curls, and of course a power screwdriver.

Also, if you just throw some fake blood and a sash on yourself you can be Carrie if you have a second party to go to! Or throw some blood onto yourself and grab a machete and you’ll be Selena from 28 Days Later (except you should go for a red dress–and if you can make your hair do what Naomie Harris’s hair can do, you definitely should do it every damn day).

Juno from The Descent

Outfit yourself in some form-fitting activewear, strap some carabiners around your waist, and smudge yourself in dirt and a few gobs of fake blood. Accessories: pick-ax and shovel. Blonde hair, a low ponytail, and a more generous dousing in fake blood makes you into Sarah.

Baby Firefly from The Devils Rejects/House of 1000 Corpses

It’s all about the hair, which appears to be a pattern in this post…go figure. Get a great hat and an equally great pair of boots to cover the top and bottom. Wear a tank top and jeans, a cotton tank dress, or some Daisy Dukes. Then to differentiate yourself from the actual Daisy Duke, make sure your weapon is  particularly convincing. A few blood splatters, dirt streaks and sweat stains can’t hurt either.

And for those of you who are ready to forgo “pretty” and are willing to get really scary

Sadako/Samara from Ringu/The Ring

You will need black hair or a long black wig and a long white nightgown. Also you will probably need to wear some dark eyeliner smudged under your eyes. And probably a friend to lead you around so you don’t break your ankle on curbs or slam your head into the freezer door. Also don’t do this costume if you plan to drink, eat, or engage in lengthy conversations, because then you’ll go from scary ghost to disheveled inmate, which is also fine but significantly less effective.

Regan McNeil from The Exorcist

So this one kind of takes some commitment and at least a bare bones make-up kit. Remember that as a human being, you have your limits. Please do not try to turn your head 360 degrees, or even 180 degrees. Get a nightgown, rat up your hair, put some scrapes on your face and a chapped-effect to your lips (there are about a bazillion latex-wound tutorials on YouTube that are pretty easy to follow). A little bit of a green tint to your face is good too.  Carry a bloody crucifix and dribble some pea soup down the front of your nightgown. Eeeeeeew…..
I’m sure there are a lot more you can think of. I’m still deciding on my costume myself, so I’d appreciate any recommendations. Have you chosen your Halloween costume yet?

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  1. This is an awesome post, I am going to have to reblog it. The ideas are actually pretty simple really, yet I had never thought about it. Let’s hope we see a little more originality and true horror appreciation this Halloween.

      1. My kids are going traditional this season. My son is going to be Dracula and my daughter is going to be a sort of “she – devil” nothing too elaborate. Can’t wait.

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