Grad School Graduation

Being a part of a publishing graduate program had the desired effect. Since November, I have gainfully employed as a publisher’s assistant at a Big 5 imprint. I redid two websites and built one WordPress site from the ground up and took a lot of photos. My classes taught me about all of the detailed research that needs to get done when one considers acquiring a book, including how to do a P&L (which I did six of just yesterday at work). I learned real life design, ebook-making, and copyediting techniques. You can see evidence of these gains all over the website that has been redesigned to showcase all the work I did this year. High up there on the list of important things is that I cultivated a posse, which me and my main girl commemorated in ink.

bff tattoo pic

A month is probably enough time to exist without stewing about the next step, right? As far as a big picture “next step” goes, I don’t really have one. Unfortunately I still find myself struggling to settle on a specialization, something that’s always been a characteristic. Here are a few things that are happening and that I’m also asking myself about:

  • There’s a possible backlist ebook conversion project at work. I’m going to call dibs on it since I think that we are currently only outsourcing frontlist titles.
  • New editions to my copywriting¬†portfolio are already in progress.
  • I’m finally going to get back on those Netgalley reviews (yusssss).
  • There’s an entire self-publishing world out there that I’m intensely curious about. (If I were going to make a criticism of my program, it’s that there wasn’t nearly enough information about those important, disruptive trends.) I’ve joined a couple of forums and am strategically following a few blogs on social media in hopes of continuing my education.
  • I’ve signed up to volunteer for a local literacy council that teaches adult ESL classes. Not sure if I’m actually going to teach the classes yet, but we’ll see.

Lastly, I’ve been wondering how can I make this blog valuable to other people? What can I write about that will be good for anyone who stumbles upon my little patch of internet? If you have any thoughts to that point, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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