February 2018 Explorations

The Playlist:

Listen to this playlist while you drink adjunct stouts or barrel aged porters, and it will be like you were at my birthday party.

The Movies

Lady Bird

The first time a film made me leak from the eyeballs from beginning to end. As a 30 year old woman from a small town in California with humble-to-middling economic resources, I was absolutely the target demographic for this movie. It was intensely relatable, poignant, humorous, and the acting was superb.

Got. Damn.

Girls Trip

So many movies lately advertise themselves as being kind of funny and then end up being depressing as hell (yes, Landline, I am looking at you). This is just non-stop fun. I seriously cannot remember the last time a movie made me laugh this hard.

The Books

Despite it being my birthday, February was a bit of a dark month for me this year in more than just my consumption of stouts and porters. My choice of books kind of reflects those murky emotions as well. All in all, my greatest recommendation of all of these would be Rabih Alameddine’s The Angel of History (you can see my Goodreads review here). I also reviewed Sister of Darkness in a separate blog. What the Hell Did I Just Read is certainly the most fun of the selections above. It’s the third installment of the John Dies at the End series and is just a lot of ridiculous cosmic horror nonsense.

If you would like to buy any of these books AND support the blog, please click one of the Amazon links below. Thanks!

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