A New, Northern Chapter for Craft Fear

We sold our brewing equipment. I know. It was terrible. I cried a little bit.

We boxed up my horror collection and stowed my shadow children away in a POD, tucked behind our sofa.

shadow children in hallway
But we wanted you to come play with us…forever…and ever…and ever…

We got on highway 5, hound wrapped in a thundershirt, and caravanned fifteen hours north, braving malevolent logging trucks and excruciating boredom. Reaching our destination, this haven of hops, this Bethlehem of brews, the years of waiting, months of stress, and two weeks of homelessness was all worth it.

Cuz we’re in Portland now. And it’s about to get real.

mason jar beer taster in Portland
A tasting from Imperial Bottle Shop and Taproom

During this transition from the slow-paced, drought-stricken-but-beautiful California Central Coast to the bustling cloud-cover of Portland, this blog has fallen by the wayside a bit. For that I apologize. But I also come bearing news that things are going to go through a bit of a change-up here in the Craft Fear-o-verse…news that I think is pretty exciting.

I’ve been accepted to a graduate program here for publishing that is quite interactive, and simultaneously have picked up some more writing work. While still making beer and horror focuses of this site, I’m going to transition into a more open-ended format and explore literature and life as well. Exploration of the “craft” of writing, book-making, and living well will possibly overshadow the “fear” aspect in many cases.

(By the way, if you want to see some of the writing I’ve been doing lately, you can check out Whitechapel Jack where I do some scrawling about Jack the Ripper. Yeah…I’m one of those people.)

While re-acquiring homebrewing equipment, acquainting myself with new local favorites, and catching up on my reading, I hope to reconnect with friends through this site, and in the process meet some new ones.

Skoal, and see you soon.


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