Save the Beer!

This damn near broke my heart, and I have been so embarrassed about it that I was afraid to post. But for the sake of honesty and integrity, I have a confession. My most recent beer didn’t carb. I know. It’s a dumb mistake. I didn’t really know why it happened. The brew had gone

New career, new beginnings

Things are awesome right now, kiddos.  Thursday a couple of projects got wrapped up that made me realize I’m finally on the first rung of a ladder on my way to what I’ve been wanting to do for-freaking-ever.  I finished my internship at the Independent this week, and today I also finished my first graphic

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5/3/1 Day Uno–SO MANY REPS

Sorry for the gap in posts!  The last couple of weeks have been exciting and have laden me with different writing adventures that have kept me busy.  I’ve also been babying my knee–but enough of that silliness! Today marked the first day of my new fitness adventure: Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program.  I am copying my

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