Abusive Moms, Killers, and Ghosts—Oh MY!!

Spoilers ahead for: The Pact (2012)

Continuously, I return to indie horror to get my fill of satisfying and lingering story -lines. I can typically rely on these for allowing me to sit and think “Well ain’t <em>that</em> neat??” in a blend of appreciation and look-over-my-shoulder heebie-jeebies. My current favorite premise: the supernatural serial killer story. Maybe not a supernatural killer itself–I’m not talking about the Voorhees type who keeps appearing no matter how many times you shoot or electrocute. Pieces that delve into mystery and confusion and combine ghosts <em>and</em> serial killers?? Now that’s pretty spooky-cool!


The Pact (2012): directed by Nicholas McCarthy; starring Caity Lotz

Synopsis: Annie doesn’t want to go to her abusive mother’s funeral, but her sister Nicole, who is making the arrangements in the old house, is really good at laying on the guilt. But when Annie arrives at her childhood home via her sweet-ass motocicleta, Nicole has disappeared and left all her stuff in the house. When her cousin comes to stay in the house with muy-disturbed Annie after the funeral, she too disappears. So Annie is obviously all “wtf” and stays in a motel (I know–kind of smart, huh?) while launching a personal investigation with a blind psychic she knew from high school and one of a ubiquitous skeptical cop.

Ubiquitous skeptical cop and Annie discover a secret room in the house with a wire-frame bed, naked mattress coils, and peep holes to all the other rooms in the house. Again, Annie is all “wtf”, because the only room she really remembers from her childhood is the closet her mother used to lock her in. When the waifish, blind psychic comes to feel-out the place, she has a screaming fit on the ground of the secret room and they see a the floating, bi-sected body of a floral-clad woman on the ceiling. Said woman has also been appearing on the screen of Annie’s phone pointing at shit. Her severed head has also been making appearances in Annie’s dreams.


Turns out the woman was the victim of a serial killer named “Judas”, who bears a lot of resemblance to Annie. Especially in the different-colored eye department. That’s all I’ll say about that.

So….this is a strong recommend. The film was mostly quiet and sedate, great with pacing and tension, and plenty of wtf. It doesn’t reveal too much, and therefore I am still entertaining the unanswered questions and looking up occasionally to make sure no women are floating on my ceiling. Also, tapping on walls looking for secret passages.

(I’m going to go watch cartoons now)

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