Top 5 posts in 2015 according to my own disorganized standards

What follows is a rundown of 5 posts in 2015 that I’ve written on this blog and others that I’m relatively happy with.

  1. Most recently, I wrote this post for iArtisan’s blog about a punk rock/roots music website for which I helped write copy. It’s tied together with thoughts on the Mike Watt/X show I saw in NW Portland a couple of weeks ago. Craig is a dude I work with a lot who is a total boss at WordPress. Hire him.
  2. My review for the movie Starry Eyes might be the movie + beer pairing/review that I’m the most proud of this year. It’s a great horror film with a clear archetype and an approach that rings especially true for me as a member of Gen Y. What makes me particularly proud of it, though, is that it resulted in the director Tweeting this at me:Twitter acclaim
  3. Here is an interview I conducted with an alumnus from my graduate program about the “Write to Publish” event, which I have been working to promote through my involvement with Ooligan Press (what most consider the core of the publishing program). And for which I’ll also be moderating a panel in exactly one month. Eep. More on this one later.
  4. On a Jack the Ripper site that I write most of the content for, I gave my two cents on the “undeniable DNA evidence” dude who claims to have Catherine Eddowes’ shawl. After reading his whole book, of course. And if you didn’t know I wrote for a Jack the Ripper site…well…yeah.. More than a little bit.
  5. A tribute to Wes Craven rounds out this list, he being one of the most formative directors of my young life and the genre that I love so much.

Rebranding this blog at the same time I began school for the first time in five years wasn’t really great for posting volume. I became paralyzed every time I tried to think about what sort of a blog this “should” be, and naturally ended up doing nothing at all. Trying to keep on top of two jobs, freelancing, and all the demanding work of a grad student is like trying to run up a sand dune. It can be done, but not nearly as prettily as you might like. For at least the next year and a half, I will not promise regular updates, even though I’d like to, and will keep trying to.

Changes are coming, as they do at the turn of the calendar and at every other time of year, but more on that tomorrow.

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