Climbing out of a content rut

My father is a man who knows what he likes. He loves big red wines, buttered popcorn, and loud movies. And for the bulk of my childhood I could count on the same CDs in rotation in his car: Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (narrated by Dame Judi Dench), the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack (and later 2), and Dire Straits’ Brother’s in Arms. And when I say bulk, I mean it was rare that you would hear anything else in there whatsoever. For years.

    So when I suddenly realized that I still gravitate toward to the same three or four albums that were on rotation on my iPod in 2007, I had to take stock of my life. Now that grad school is over and I’ve got a fairly predictable schedule, it’s time for me to not rely on the same old crutches that kept me grounded and sane. It’s time to make some content-consumption resolutions.


    I’m going to kick it off by working my way through some top 100 album lists online in addition to exploring new music recommended by friends and the streaming apps I use. At the end of each month, I will have a 90 minute (or longer) playlist that I’ll share to reflect my exploration.


    Watch a new movie every week, and at least once a month let that be a movie in the theater, not the house. I’m doing pretty well in this area and have seen two movies in theaters so far this month.


    A total of 52 books for the year, aka., book a week, and exploring new genres. While I wish I could commit to a single book at a time, my ideal paradigm is: one audiobook, one nonfiction, one fiction book at once.


    I try to prioritize reading, but in times of stress I would definitely turn to television. To self soothe, I would always watch the same things: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, Arrested Development. I’ve promised to try watching one new show each month, if for no other reason than to possibly have an easier time making conversation with people. Or to annoy myself so much with the selection process that I decide to pick my book back up instead.
    I’ll be updating here as I go with book and movie reviews as well as playlists. Probably not TV, though. And soon there will be some non-consumption creative goals to share as well, though I’m not quite ready at the moment.
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