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Professional Content Creation Since 2013

My name is Emily Einolander and I am a content creator and manager with a master’s degree in book publishing and a history of diverse independent and team projects.

I look forward to helping you navigate your content and publishing goals.

Emily is an incredibly talented copywriter, researcher and editor. I’ve utilized Emily for a number of projects and am constantly amazed by her ability to craft insightful, engaging and persuasive copy around around a wide variety of topics. She possesses a rare gift which includes not only mastery over the written word, but also the ability to inform, enlighten and amuse through her brilliant wordsmithing.

Craig Junghandel, Digital Marketing Specialist

I can truly say that Emily Einolander is the best editor that I have ever worked with. She recently edited stories of a book I’m collaborating on and was not only thorough, thoughtful, meticulous and easy to work with, but the quality of her work is superb. She is also quick and did an amazing job of editing my stories without losing the unique voice of my writing. If you are looking for a quality editor, don’t look any further. Emily is the one to work with. I recommend her very highly.

Bela Friedman, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practioner

Emily worked with me to take a large corpus of writing from 7 different essays, and condense it for a succinct book chapter, in rapid fashion. She was able to take and develop a nascent, nonexistent theme from the disparate essays, elevate it, and help me ship the book chapter from start to finish in just a week. The editors of the book project were blown away with the quality, and it is in press as we speak. Highly recommend. 

Jahed Momand—Product Leader, Behavioral Science, User Research, Data