Website Management

As the digital manager for Ooligan Press, my job was to manage two existing websites and supervise the transfer of another. Web projects employ a breadth of practical and personal skills, including project management, technological adeptness, patience, and resourcefulness. These projects have enriched my understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP coding languages, improved my problem solving skills, and increased my stamina to see complex projects through to fruition.


ooligan press

I performed the most extensive website changes to date for any web project at Ooligan Press. Using the Genesis Framework from StudioPress, I selected the child theme of Author Pro to best represent what the press had to offer. The theme also has an associated custom post type plugin that is designed specifically to showcase each book. I altered the PHP code, allowing us to use four different sales links rather than the default three. Additionally, I found a new Genesis-friendly plugin that displays images for individual blog posts in a larger, higher resolution manner than before.

book page shot

Problems solved in conjunction with this project included:

  • How to decrease the amount of content that the site held.
  • How to create a custom post type that showcased the book.
  • How to reappropriate the idea of “Start to Finish” pages that displayed the behind-the-scenes teaching press aspects of each book from its former custom template to a more updatable format.
  • What to do in order to loop specialized blog streams into different custom pages and posts.
  • How to display custom fields in order to give credit to a high volume of student bloggers that contribute to the site but do not use individualized logins.
  • How to consolidate content from an original content management system so that it is SEO friendly and streamlined into as few pages as possible.


To keep brand consistency, it was important that there be noticeable similarities between the newly rebuilt Ooligan Press website and the Portland State publishing program website. Therefore, I applied the Author Pro child theme for the Genesis Framework to this site as well. Much of the content had to be restored manually because many of the pages for the previous theme had custom templates that caused content to disappear when the theme change occurred. The following is a list of other changes made to the site:

  • Captured and edited photographs for the front page slider.
  • Applied new colors through CSS coding.
  • Used WordPress widgets to facilitate sharing the site on social media.
  • Oversaw plugin research and implementation for faculty page.
  • Reintegrated MailChimp plugin.
  • Implemented pop-ups to stimulate growth of publishing department’s mailing list.


Oregon Authors Site (Before)

Oregon Authors Site (After)

Ooligan picked up the defunct Oregon Authors site project from the Oregon Library Association. Since the site was hard coded in PHP, I rebuilt the site from scratch. This required me to find an ideal child theme for a content-heavy site, as well as a new plugin for the directory organization of authors, libraries, publishing companies, and writing groups. It has not yet been launched and is still in development.