Ebook Production

The following are digital books that I made in the course of my work as the digital manager for Ooligan Press. Both were created using exported InDesign files of the print book that were redesigned and debugged to work on EPUB devices (Nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc.) and Amazon Kindles. Below I have included the EPUB files I created, which can be downloaded and viewed on desktop programs such as iBooks, Calibre, or Azardi, or on non-Kindle mobile apps.

Ricochet River Ebook

25th anniversary edition of Ricochet River by Robin Cody. The EPUB file requires a password to protect content.


Siblings And Other Disappointments Ebook

Collection of short stories by debut author Kait Heacock. The EPUB file requires a password to protect content.


It was my privilege to be able to carry out two EPUB conversions in 2016 for the PDX Open project. The project is associated with PDX Scholar, which provides free downloads of dissertations, theses, textbooks, and other scholarly works to people all over the world with a passion for learning.

spacial thinking in planning practice“Spatial Thinking in Planning Practice”

Geographic Information Systems and Urban Studies textbook posed some challenges in how to correctly anchor and interpose maps and other graphics.


“Beginning Japanese for Professionals: Book 1” 

This language textbook challenged me to coherently display exercises, tables, and dialogues using EPUB-friendly code.