89 Minutes of Brain’Splosion and 750ml of Tongue’Splosion

The blend of nostalgia with what-should-be-nostalgia (and soon WILL be) is engrossing and a combination that I highly, HIGHLY recommend.


rueuzeUnexpectedly brought to me after a morning of gardening in the sun, this goes down like the way you want something to go down on a Sunday afternoon (phrasing…). Rueuze, from The Bruery in Orange County, CA, is a play on “gueuze”. That’s an old Belgian style where you blend barrel-aged lambics that have been aging up to 3 years with freshly fermented lambics. Same sour flavor as a good Berliner-weiss and very, very closely related to Kriek (sour cherry beer–that’s a thing too). This baby is a blend of a variety of aged blonde ales.

The palate: grapefruit tempered with a glorious yeasty nose–a sour blonde aged in oak barrels that infuses it with that creamy, malolactic acid flavor. Serve in a tulip glass. Buy it up and save it in your basement or garage for later. Give The Bruery a lot of your money, because it is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries.

WHY THE PAIRING? If you love your alcohol with high quantities of acid, this is for you. And the following film is DEFINITELY for people who are into acid. You know, like, legally (or not?).

THE FILM: Fulci’s The Beyond

This is a twisted classic (just like, IMO, gueuze). I probably should have seen City of the Living Dead first, which is the first in Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy–this is the second. The only other film I’d seen of Fulci’s is Zombi 2, but that was a much more linear and more action-oriented plot. This is far more surrealistic, and yet replete with eye-violence!

This character is named Emily. I think Connor and I have this year's Halloween costume figured out.

I think Connor and I have this year’s Halloween costume figured out (hopefully things don’t end for me the way they did for her).

Most of the film was mostly shot on location in Louisiana then partially in Italy and it was made on a very, very low budget (under $500,000–INCREDIBLE). Most of that budget went to blocking off the French Quarter in New Orleans as well as the Pontchartrain Causeway. In spite of low funds, The Beyond is full of sensory-overloading set-pieces. This includes a scene of tarantulas ripping apart a semi-conscious person’s face. They managed to keep the real spiders centered in frame while keeping the hokey-looking fake spiders slightly out of focus. If life gives you lemons make limoncello, right?

The film also features a creepy blind character named Emily, played by Cinzia Monreale with a pet German Shepherd. The actor-dog was named Max and he was trained to sniff out explosives and drugs but does a great job of mauling the zombies that the producers forced Fulci to write into the script. I have an uncomfortable suspicion that this dog has done more with his life than I ever will. Poking myself in the imaginary third eye for not having seen this sooner! If you’re a gore-hound or willing to give in to some brain’splosions, enjoy this ASAP.

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