When You’re Housebound, You Might as Well Drink

This movie had so many red herrings I started wondering why the house in question wasn’t closer to a body of water. And that’s totally fine.

THE BEER: Dogfish Head Sixty-One India Pale Ale

6.5% ABV

I’ve been meaning to get to this beer for awhile, since I enjoyed Noble Rot so much. Dogfish Head seems to do all right brewing with wine grape must, and this beer has been around since 2007.

It’s got a flavor reminiscent of a dry rosé made in the Saignée style (where a bit of fermenting red wine is “bled” off and fermented into rosé instead). It is certainly not an IPA though. If anything, the hop profile is closer to an XPA or just a regular ole’ pale ale. It was an all right bottle of beer, but nothing too out of this world. It benefits from IPA glassware, though, for the very pleasant aromatics to be released.

Sixty-One, made with Syrah must, was chosen to go with a New Zealand movie, since people have been growing Syrah grapes in New Zealand since the 1800s.

Dogfish Head

THE MOVIE: Housebound (2014)

Directed by Gerard Johnstone


I don’t want to spoil this film for people, because a lot of the fun comes from reveals. It does benefit from some strong characters, however.

The film centers around Kylie (played by Morgana O’Reilly), who is kind of a major jerk, and is arrested for robbing an ATM. She is sentenced to house arrest at the home of her hapless mother, Miriam (played by Rima Te Wiata), and Miriam’s mostly mum husband, Graeme. Miriam is so hapless that the first thing she does on camera is ram her car into the back of the probation officer’s car.

While Kylie’s mom spends a brief period of time placating her cranky daughter, eventually their relationship falls into predictable acrimony. Kylie is regularly visited by her ghost-hunting probation officer, Amos, and a therapist whom she despises.

Then Kylie starts experiencing seemingly paranormal activity including sounds coming from the ceiling and walls and a possessed Teddy Ruxpin. Since she can’t leave due to her ankle bracelet, she’s forced to face down whatever entity is haunting the house in addition to finding a way to coexist with her mother.

There’s a bit of gore, some creepy and suspenseful moments, and some character-led humor that puts the film squarely in the horror-comedy genre.